Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas 2010

Well, I haven't posted for awhile, so I thought that I'd better get down to it. This year has gone by so fast! Avery is now almost 9 months old and she is growing up so fast, it's crazy. She is at the point where she wants to be big and wants to walk like all the other kids in her daycare class. She is almost there, she can walk really well along things and she stands by herself for 10 seconds at a time! As for Steve and me, we are just still working and enjoying being parents. Steve got a new job at ARUP, he is transferring to the Immunology Core Department, which I think that he will like so much better than in the processing department. He starts on friday and that means that he will be able to go back on 7-on 7-off with me and then we can have the entire week off together to travel with the bug! Well Christmas this year was great, we did tons of traveling whick kinda sucked (especially traveling with Ave). So I think that next year we will just stay at home and relax and start our own family traditions. But for this Christmas we went to Moroni for 2 days and had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas morning there, then the afternoon of the 25th we headed down to Cedar City to Steve's mother's house, we haven't been there for such a long time and it was really great to see his family. On the 26th we drove down to St. George to visit my Grandma De Mill and we had a great visit there! Steve and I both had to start back to work on the Tuesday after Christmas so we had to get back after that. But all-in-all it was a good Christmas. Avery didn't really care for the Christmas scene this year, still being a bit too young to comprehend what was going on, but Santa did come to her daycare so she sat on his lap (and didn't cry) and I helped her open the few gifts that we got her, so at least we had fun seeing her have her first Christmas!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Avery's Baby Blessing

Well, on Sunday June 27, 2010 was Avery's baby blessing. Steve gave her such a wonderful blessing, it was such a neat and touching experience. A bunch of my family and all of Steves family came up to be there, after we had a turkey BBQ in our back yard, it was so fun to have eveyone there and to just have a good time. Her dress was so beautiful, we wanted to get a nice dress so the next can wear it as well. (coming from a mostly-girl family we are bound to have another girl). Steve didn't like to bonnet and thought it was too old fashioned, but I loved it and thought that she looked adorable in it, so we had to put it on her. Thanks to everone who came and made it such a special day for us all.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Avery Pictures

Well, here are some of the promised pictures of Avery June. We haven't went and got them taken professionally yet, that is yet to come. So here are some that we took yesterday while she was playing around. She is so sweet, I love her so much!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Avery is here!!

Well, last Sunday the 25th I finally had my little baby girl, and she is amazing!! At about 1:00am on Sunday morning I started getting contractions, I knew I was going into labor, but this baby being my first, I knew that it would be awhile. So in the morning I still packed my husband a lunch and sent him to work, but told him to expect a call to come home. Yeah...he went to work at 6:30 and he got a call at 8:30 to come take me to the hospital. My contractions by then were getting strong enough so I couldn't talk and they were 5 minutes apart. We got to the hospital and got checked in at about 10:00am. The nurse monitored my dialation and then checked my amniotic fluid level and said that it was low and that I needed to stay. So at about 11:30 I was hooked to an I.V. and put on petocin to speed up my contractions. By then the contractions were hard, but bearable...yeah...about 20 minutes later I was crying for my epidural. After about 3 hours on the petocin, they came and said I was at a 9.5 cm and almost ready to start pushing. So I started pushing at 4:30pm and I had her at 5:19! As soon as she came out, the doctor placed her on my chest and Steve snipped the umbilical cord, it was so amazing to finally be able to hold her in my arms. She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and was 21.5 inches long, and we named her Avery June Fobert. After, they wheeled me up to my room where I was able to snuggle my little girl, and Steve was able to make it to tip-off at the Jazz play-off game! (He wasn't going to go, but I was just going to rest, so why skip out on a good ticket, right?) Here are a few pics of her when she was first born and there's more to come !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Baby Yet

Well, Today I am officially three days overdue! I am so bummed. I really though that she was going to be here by now and its really frustrating that she is still in my overstretched belly. I think that I got my hopes up when the doctor said that I'll either be up to a week early or on time, I know that that's a guestimate, but I really had high hopes. Today is my first "official" day off work, and I haven't even had her yet, its kinda hard to be taking un-needed time off. Steve is back to work, and I am so bored! I dont know how stay at home wives do it, cause I've only been up for four hours and I've already cleaned the entire house, done the dishes, in process of doing the laundry, and have scrubbed the bathroom. What else is there to do but clean? I know that I am venting all my negative feelings today, but I think that every first-time overdue mother can relate to these feelings. We are so stretched, miserable, and achy...but that's not even the half of it! I think that mostly I just want to carry her in my arms, hold her little hand, and just love her. Everyday I walk into her nursery and wonder, how much will she weigh? Will she come soon? What does she look like?" I have a doctors appointment to be induced on the 30th of April, so at least I know that I only have 10 more days max, but I hope that she gets here sooner than that.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baby's Room!

Well today we finally moved out the bed that was just chillin in the baby's room (I hate to keep calling her "The Baby" but we aren't for sure about names yet, so baby it is for now), and we were able to finally set things up in the layout that we wanted, and then put things on the walls. My sister Angie made all the vinyl dots and rings that are around the entire room, and they turned out so cute! So if anyone is interested her site is:, she has some really amazing ideas. As for the furniture... I found a changing table on KSL for $10 and steve painted it white with his air-gun, and the crib was a yardsale crib my mom found, so steve got new parts for it and painted that as well. Let me just tell you how cute it looks. I'm so glad that we didn't just go out and buy an expensive bedroom set, this is so much cuter and adds more character to the room! This room has been a really long process, but it turned out so nice and it is now ready for whenever she decides that it is time to come out!

Baby Shower!

Well, a few saturdays ago, I had another baby shower. This one was from my mom's side of the family, and Steve's dad's side of the family. It was such a great time, we sat and visited, played a game, opened gifts, and then had a delicious lunch. It was really nice to have the ladies in my family all together. This shower, unlike my last one, I actually remembered to take some pictures! I was a little torn as to whether I should post the pics or not, because I am like HUGE! But I decided to post some of them. Its really frustrating because I have such a short torso that there really is nowhere for my baby to go, but out. So I have this really big belly balooning from just my front, unlike everyone else who gets pregnant where they distribute the weight evenly over their entire midsection. But I only have two more weeks left to go, so I guess I'll just have to handle it.

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